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Welcome to the Kent Golf Veteran's League (KGVL) - Groups 3 and 7 website.

This website has been developed mainly for the use of signed-up members from the clubs involved with both groups 3 and 7 of the KGVL.

It provides contact details for each club involved as well as links to their websites.

You will also find useful information about the groups competition fixtures, results and league tables.

For those members with admin roles there is the facility to submit results of individual matches.

 If you have any comments on the current web-site or recommendations for improvements please contact one of the Group Organisers or your club captain..

Happy golfing,

Paul Weaser Grp 3/7

Terry Newman Grp 7/3

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Kent Golf Veterans League

Groups 3 and 7

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Kent Golf Veteran's League
Groups 3 and 7

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